Life & Work: A Managers Search for Meaning

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Life & Work: A Managers Search for Meaning

During his twenty-eight years as a business leader, James Autry learned and practiced the art of caring leadership on a day-to-day, person to person basis. In Life & Work: A Manager’s Search for Meaning, Autry explores with breathtaking insight and sensitivity the emotional and spiritual issues involved in managing a work force.

In a pressurized atmosphere of downsizing, restructuring and intense competition, management must be viewed as an act of faith--and every job should reinforce an employees sense of work and dignity.

With courageous candor, Life & Work addresses the most troublesome challenges that arise in both work and life and offers invaluable guidance toward the successful integration of who we are and how we live with what we do.

Key Concepts:

  • Finding your balance within life and work.
  • Learning how to care about yourself.
  • Helping others find balance.

Package Includes: 30 minute video, Leader's Guide, Workbook, 25 Pocket Reminder Cards & Powerpoint Presentation on CD-Rom

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