Johnny the Bagger® - A True Story of Customer Service

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Johnny the Bagger Video

Johnny the Bagger® Customer Service Video DVD  (17 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • Johnny the Bagger® Training DVD (17 minutes)
  • Facilitator Guide PDF
  • Facilitator Resources PDF
  • Powerpoint Presentation on DVD

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The Johnny the Bagger® video contains the heart of what customer service is all about. If we can only find a way to consistently deliver a personal form of customer service to the client so they feel special we can really make a difference in how customers actually feel abut coming to our place of business. The Johnny the Bagger video offers a motto of putting your personal signature on the job. The meaning is that there really is a form of customer service that is unique that only you can deliver. And it is the job of management and the organization to find programs like the Johnny the Bagger® video that will help a company find it.


Learning Point Highlights

  • Details how extraordinary service must come from the heart 
  • Explores daily actions that are necessary to give memorable customer service
  • Gives participants ability their own "personal signature" to their work


The amazing Johnny the Bagger® story is so memorable. This young nineteen-year-old man with Down syndrome thinks about what he himself can do to give a customer a memorable experience. He started thinking of his favorite quotes he could find or thoughts of the day. When he couldn’t find one he’d think of one by himself. Then with his father’s help he’d type them up, print them out and then cut them up for the day’s work tomorrow. As a bagger at a grocery story the Johnny the Bagger® video illustrates how Johnny put these quotes in the shopping bags of his guest and said thank you for shopping with us.

Sending customers on their way with well wishes and a great quote in their bag was such a thoughtful gift to give the customer. This of course made him and the customer experience for his client a very memorable one that only he could deliver. And that is the point of the Johnny the Bagger® story. The Johnny the Bagger video is a great story about how there are forms of customer service that are so unique and like a fingerprint are truly your own that only you can deliver.


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The results of the Johnny the Bagger video are truly amazing and heart warming. You're a young man with Down syndrome working at a grocery store who doesn’t know how he can make a difference for customers. He tried to come up with a way to make their customer service experience a great one.  How many of us do that? Take the time outside of work and think about the client in a personal way and how we can make their customer service experience one that is so memorable they want to come back. Every organization is looking to implement this golden rule of customer service as featured in Forbes Magazine.

As the story goes in the Johnny the Bagger video, Johnny comes up with the idea of putting the quotes in the bags of his customers. What’s interesting and so cute is that soon the check out line for Johnny the Bagger is three times longer than that of any of their line. And people are always in a rush! But they’ve been told by their friends and have had the customer service experience themselves from Johnny the Bagger and want to experience it again! That’s what makes the Johnny the Bagger video so memorable. Whether you're a grocery store, an airline, or a casino, this story becomes personal because you see his plight and identify with it. To see another great story on customer service about an airline turning things around click on customer service story in Fast Company.

Just like anything else in life a good attitude is contagious. According to Businessweek, this is what it takes to be a champ in customer service. In the Johnny the Bagger video we see that other departments began doing what Johnny was doing. They started to find things they could do that would create a great customer service experience. The floral department decided to create a Johnny the Bagger moment and pin a broken stemmed flower on customers when they couldn't sell it. It was such a great thing to do and left customers wanting to come back. That’s the thing about the Johnny the Bagger video is that other departments and stores begin to pick up on the actions of others all because of Johnny.

The bottom line of the Johnny the Bagger video is that this young man had this idea that was in his heart and made it a reality. He thought of what he could do to make a difference and it spiraled out of control into a great thing he never even expected. His small difference made a great difference documented in the Johnny the Bagger video. There are so many things an organization can do to be better. Better advertising, better market share control and great product design. But the thing that is the least expensive and yet garners the greatest results is what the Johnny the Bagger video did which is create memorable customer service experience form the heart.