It's Your Choice John Cleese Video

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Its Your Choice

It’s Your Choice, an interviewing training video

Finding the right person for the job is like detective work. Suspects inside and outside the company must be eliminated until the perfect candidate is found. It’s Your Choice trains managers how to recognize promising candidates. Interview training is imperative so managers can make the right choice among candidates, thereby spending the budget wisely, acquiring a valuable asset to the company, and motivating colleagues with the new team member.

This interview training video features three scenarios where managers have poor interview skills. Viewers will learn how to avoid their costly mistakes. Ethelred the Unready is unprepared, uninformed, and interrupted. Ivan the Terrible, played by John Cleese, is ranting his own opinions and not allowing the candidate to speak. Gillian the Silent allows the candidate to take over and fears answering tough questions.

This John Cleese training video will teach managers a right and wrong way to conduct an interview. It’s Your Choice also includes a video to help Interviewees prepare for interviews. It teaches interviewees how to research a company, question interviewers, and gain knowledge about what matters to hiring companies. The It’s Your Choice Interviewee training video is suitable for internal candidates, as well as for schools and colleges to prepare graduates for the job market.

It’s Your Choice key outcomes:

• Prepare.

• Listen.

• Probe.

Program includes: It’s Your Choice 30 minute video DVD, Course Leader‘s Guide, Delegate worksheets on disk, PowerPoint slides, and Self-study workbook on disk.

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