It's OK to be the Boss

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It's OK to be the Boss

It has never been more difficult to be a manager. In the current economic downturn, managers are being asked to turn things up. They feel the pressure to increase productivity and profits by doing more with less while trying to corral a new high maintenance workforce that brings its own set of expectations and demands. All of this has led best-selling author and management consultant, BRUCE TULGAN, to declare the days of "hands-off" management officially over.

IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS is a humorous, highly entertaining call to action for managers, supervisors and leaders. Based on Tulgan’s bestselling book, this motivational video dispels the 7 myths that have created the current under-management epidemic at all levels of business. "Follow any problem in business…" Tulgan says, "…bad service, missed deadlines, soggy fries, everything is somebody’s job and everyone has a boss. Everything leads back to the boss."

Tulgan challenges managers everywhere to give up their "hands off = empowerment" style of managing and to re-engage with their employees by spelling out expectations, providing specific guidelines, correcting failure quickly and rewarding success on the spot.

IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS provides a step-by-step guide back to being the boss that employees appreciate and deserve.


1. Make Time to Talk about the Work 2. Talk Like a Coach 3. Make Accountability a Process – Not a Slogan 4. Deal with Low Performers

Run Time: 27 Minutes

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