Gung Ho! The Dramatic Video

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Gung Ho Training Video

Gung Ho! The Dramatic Video DVD (28 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Gung Ho! The Dramatic Video Training DVD (28 Minutes)
  • Gung Ho! Leader's Guide
  • Gung Ho! Reference Participant Workbook

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Based on the best selling book by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, The Gung Ho video inspires managers to turn around their organization. The Gung ho training video tells the story of two managers that manage to take the company that seems to be failing miserably and turn it into one of the most successful business stories ever told. Their wisdom that is shared in the Gung Ho video is inspiring enough to change the way any manager thinks in terms of leadership.

How-To Training Points:

  • Employees learn of their contribution to the "big picture."
  • Commitment is about shared goals and enduring values.
  • Ignite pride with respect so employees have control over the goals they achieve.
  • Create enthusiasm by recognizing others' progress.


The Gung Ho training video demonstrates the three tenants of management and supervision that will help any organization garner amazing energy and create an enthusiasm that the company can use to garner great success. The Spirit of the Squirrel is about taking into the mind that work is worthwhile. The Gung Ho training video illustrates this is vital if any employee is to help the team turn around the direction of the company as a whole.

Another item highlighted in the Gung Ho training video is the Way of the Beaver. This term simply means that an organization needs to empower the workers to be placed in control of achieving the goal. This creates great power of accountability both for the company’s success and also possible failure. This of course empowers and motivates them to create their own success, which in turn helps the organization.

Lastly, the Gung Ho training video shows the last tenant of the three principles, which is the Gift of the Goose. This is about helping employees and staff to see one another as true teammates and to cheer one another on towards the team goal and success. This helps to achieve a higher productivity rate and improves morale among all the employees of the company.

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In so much as the Gung Ho training video has become revered for its empowering principles, it has become a necessity to turn around any business. The Gung Ho training video sparks incredible debate about what a company can accomplish once its goals and people emerge fused and doubled in energy. The Gung Ho video is a masterpiece in conception and brilliant in its execution of management training. The philosophy is one that carries over into life from business.

The Gung Ho training video is hosted by Native American Andy Longclaw. He helps Peggy Sinclair turn around the Walton Works organization in dramatic fashion. Through the Gung Ho training video, we see how management skills aren’t just in the work you do or get others to perform. It is also about the philosophies that guide those performances to greatness and make a difference in an organization soaring to the top of its potential.

One of the great philosophies highlighted in the Gung Ho training video is that defined by the Spirit of the Squirrel. In The Gung Ho training video it is illustrated that the Spirit of the Squirrel is about producing the vehicle in which leaders and managers can communicate their vision and values. It is imperative that managers demonstrate that they have the capacity to actually relate to their employees not just on a business level but also in their very personal lives.

Another maxim or part of the philosophical reference depicted in the Gung Ho training video is the Way of the Beaver. Here, leaders learn that if they utilize proper implementation of the performance management tools given to you, you can empower employees to do amazing things. The Gung Ho training video shows that this philosophy is important for growth and can help everything improve from sales to technology or even extend all the way into customer service and relations.

The Gung Ho video has another philosophy that is just as important to the story of turning a company around. The Gift of the Goose is about manager and coaches learning how to encourage all team members, all employees, all those looking to make a difference in the company and beyond. The Gung Ho training video is about finding others doing things right and that help improve the company. When people are caught red handed doing things that are great for business, they must be praised beyond recognition.

Using these three philosophies named after animals may make the Gung Ho training video seem like a cartoon. But it's real life. This company has turned itself around using these very principles and thousands have used the Gung Ho training video to do the same. Because in the end it doesn’t matter what you call a principle as long it has solid foundation and works. Ken Blanchard is after all the author of the book. The man has helped turn around countless companies with his maxims. Let’s take a look at how the Gung Ho training video has helped companies.

Ken Blanchard's strategies determined a long time ago that employees need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That the work itself and the paycheck weren’t enough. The Gung Ho training video illustrates his finer points of encouragement by elaborating on his theory of finding what people and things are working well for the company and accentuating the positive aspects of those people and things. If something is going well use it. If it’s going poorly correct it. It’s really that simple.

For a company to use the Gung Ho training video with precision, they just have to do some self-examination of not what is hurting their company as so many agencies do. They need to use the Gung Ho video to look closely at what is going right so they can repeat these actions. The Gung Ho program is used everywhere but the blue collar management find special use for this program.

But the Gung Ho training video took Ken Blanchard’s philosophies one more step. By putting the maxims of his philosophy into story form, he captures the essence of why countless companies over dozens of countries have had the Gung Ho video translated into so many languages they stopped keeping track cause the number changes every couple of months. Using the Gung Ho training video helps an organization find what they’re doing right and helps them become empowered to make those changes for success.