Going to a Meeting Series Parts 1 & 2

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Going to a Meeting Series

Going to a Meeting Series Parts 1 & 2

What You Get:


Going to a Meeting trains all who attend meetings on how to effectively contribute to the meeting and how to deal with unprofessional colleagues.

Going to a Meeting summary:

Based on a group of middle managers in a large hospital, Going to a Meeting demonstrates how to easily handle different personalities you encounter in a meeting. This meeting training video two-part series trains meeting attendees on how to prepare for meetings and how to avoid conflict in meetings so meetings will be more effective.

Going to a Meeting Part 1: Messing up a Meeting

Jeremy prepares for a regular meeting. Unfortunately, his preparation involves grabbing a few papers and showing up late. John Cleese, the narrator, warns Jeremy to prepare for the meeting properly, but Jeremy doesn’t listen. The meeting is a disaster for Jeremy. On his return, John Cleese gives Jeremy some meeting training, suggesting what he should have done to prepare properly for the meeting. Jeremy gets another chance to attend the meeting after proper preparation. The meeting has a new outcome for Jeremy. Messing up a meeting shows how to avoid common mistakes, such as not sticking to the agenda and arguing with colleagues. This meeting training video will also demonstrate how to prepare for a meeting, how to get points across professionally, and how to deal with conflict in a courteous and respectful manner.

Going to a Meeting Part 2: Meeting Menaces

Meeting menaces contains five short sequences, all introduced by John Cleese. Jeremy fails to handle the destructive behavior from five different colleagues at his meeting: the Waffler, the Turf Warrior, the Assassin, the Dominator, and the Interrupter. A ridiculous situation soon ensues. John Cleese provides proper guidance for Jeremy on successfully handling the different personalities. Jeremy learns the techniques taught by John Cleese and gets the meeting back on track. "A good investment for refreshing the managers of today and training those of the future." Jan Golding, Training magazine

Going to a Meeting key outcomes:

-Learn how to get the most out of meetings

-Improve the quality of meetings

-Better meetings will build teams and improve performance

 DVD Part 1 (20 minutes)
 DVD Part 2 (20 minutes)

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