Get Hired: How to Ace the Interview

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Get Hired: How to Ace the Interview

Unfortunately, we can only offer previews of this video to qualified organizations or consultants and not to individual job seekers. The purpose of a preview is for evaluation for purchase and the high price is prohibitive towards individuals. Thanks for your understanding.

Interviewees will learn essential skills on how to present a positive, capable impression during a job interview!

For Your Business Issues on: Career Planning, Communication, Employee Retention, Interviewing, Personal Development, and Turnover.

How-To Training Points:

  • How to develop a profile of your skills.
  • How to develop a realistic, honest description of both the technical skills and performance skills important to the job in question.
  • How to identify someone inside or outside the target organization who can help sway a hiring decision in your favor.
  • How to use skill/benefit statements to help present a positive, capable image.
  • How to use the SHARE model to develop effective responses to questions.
  • How to successfully answer difficult or strange questions.
  • How to employ a general interviewing strategy that will fit any interviewer's method of interviewing.

With this brand new video training program, any job applicant can learn how to Get Hired! Get Hired! How to Ace the Interview will teach interviewees how to be confident and prepared with the knowledge of key interviewing skills presented in this program. The key learning topics focus on teaching job applicants how to develop a profile of their personal characteristics and career skills to help them be better communicators during an interview. Applicants will also learn how to develop skill/benefit statements and SHARE examples, which are both key elements of a successful interview. Basically, it's the interviewee who applies these techniques the best is the one who will Get Hired!

Video Synopsis Viewers follow along as Don tells the story of how he had to relocate so he wanted to find a job with his organization's division in Seattle. His manager suggests that he sits in with a group of people going through interviewing training. He's skeptical at first, but agrees to attend. Through several dramatic examples of the key learning points of this video, viewers will learn, just like Don, how to be confident and prepared for any job interview.

Package Includes: 28 minute VHS video or DVD, Leader's Guide and "Get Hired! Winning Strategies to Ace the Interview" paperback book by Dr. Paul Green.

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