Finding the Up in Upheaval

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Finding the Up in Upheaval


In today's world, change has become the status quo. To survive, both professionally and emotionally, you have to learn how to respond when change happens to you. In Finding the Up in Upheaval, Bob feels like his life is crashing down all around him when he's referred to "the other" company to help with the merger and smooth over the restructuring process. Viewers will relate to Bob's resistance as he reacts with typical cynicism and suspicion. But as Bob goes through the five steps for positively dealing with change, viewers will begin to understand the reasons behind negative feelings, come to grips with what can and can't be controlled, and learn how to plan for the future.

Key Learning Points

  • How to best respond when change happens to you
  • How to accept and deal with change positively
  • How to communicate openly and honestly with others to understand your new reality
  • How to look for opportunities and plan for the future you want

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