Excellence in the Public Sector with Tom Peters

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Excellence in the Public Sector with Tom Peters

Tom Peters does more than destroy the myth that, by definition, public sector management must be poor. He offers examples of five organizations whose managerial excellence provides a blueprint for success in both public and private sector organizations.
- Houston Metropolitan, Houston, TX

The film accomplishes its purpose: to show that it is possible to achieve excellence with the taxpayer’s money and to explain how it’s done.
- Barbara Holsopple, The Phoenix Gazette

Tom Peters proves that the management revolution is not confined to the private sector - that a revolution is brewing in the public sector, too. He travels to five organizations - The Navy Depot at Alameda, California; the National Theater Workshop of the Handicapped in New York City; the City of Phoenix, Arizona; the Department of Juvenile Justice in New York City; and the National Forest Service in Ochoco, Oregon - and uncovers the secrets of their management success. 48 minutes


  • Motivate workers through recognition and gainsharing
  • Celebrate small wins in the anticipation of big ones
  • Understand the power of participative management

Running Time: 59 Minutes

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