Documenting Discipline II

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Documenting Discipline II

This compelling new and revised DVD program demonstrates clearly and concisely how managers and supervisors should deal with employee performance issues that occur on a daily basis.

By using FOSA your organization can ensure that:

the appropriate steps are taken

all employees are treated fairly

lawsuits are avoided

and the best outcome is achieved

When supervisors and managers record the Facts regarding employees’ problems, state the Objectives for improved performance and provide possible Solutions, the Actions which need to be taken to resolve the situation are easy to communicate and legally defensible.

There are three keys to legally and successfully resolving employee performance problems.

1. Documentation!
2. Documentation!
3. Documentation!


The program follows the progress of two employees who have performance issues. Their manager is instructed in the FOSA method and each step in the process is shown and explained. One outcome is successful performance improvement and the other is a legally sound termination of the employment relationship.

Program includes: 21 minute enhanced, interactive DVD, an expanded Leader’s Guide with a customizable PowerPoint Presentation and one How-To book.

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