Diversity Unplugged

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Diversity Unplugged

In the Diversity Unplugged workplace diversity training video we asked real people--men, women, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, gay, lesbian, disabled--to speak frankly about workplace diversity. They Did! 

Diversity Unplugged tells the truth. It takes a refreshing and unique approach to diversity training that results in a lively workshop group that is anxious to explore openly, and take responsibility for, making a diverse workforce an asset. 

This video based workshop includes a 30 minute videotape along with a 74 page comprehensive Leader's Guide that direct your through poignant and relevant activities and discussions to deliver approximately 8 hours of highly interactive diversity training. 

In this workshop groups will do the following:

  • Identify the meaning of diversity.
  • Understand why they should care about workplace diversity.
  • Explore the differences between individual and group identity.
  • Understand the role of stereotyping in discrimination.
  • Be motivated to modify their own behaviors to improve the quality of their working relationships.

Because the video tape shows real people expressing themselves honestly and passionately, it inspires the workshop participants to do the same. Each participant will look at: the differences in their own organization, the challenges related to those differences, their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors related to those challenges and how they can modify their behavior. With this program diversity trainers will be prepared to conduct enormously productive diversity workshops. The training can be delivered in multiple sessions.

Support Material: 33 minute video, 74-page comprehensive Leader's Guide and 10 Workbooks.

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