Depreciation and Inflation John Cleese Training DVD

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Depreciation and Inflation

Depreciation and Inflation, John Cleese Finance Training Video:

Depreciation and Inflation reminds us of the effects of inflation and depreciation on the business world. This John Cleese finance training video reviews a major cause of confusion and misconception: the effects of inflation on the replacement of stocks, equipment and other assets. In a period of rapidly rising prices, this can delude people into over-estimates of the financial soundness and true profitability of their company.

Depreciation and Inflation shows us how a depreciation policy is the problem. This John Cleese finance training video explains why major accounting bodies have introduced a new Standard of Accounting Practice to enable businesses to see the hard reality concealed by inflated figures. Depreciation and Inflation is designed to teach the lessons, illustrate the dangers, and make everyone in the company aware that this year's inflated profits may be just high enough to meet next year's inflated costs. Depreciation and Inflation, a John Cleese finance training video, gives examples of depreciation practice and demonstrates profits are not always as good as they look.

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