Demanding Customers John Cleese Training Video

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Demanding Customers

Demanding Customers, a John Cleese customer service training video

Demanding Customers focuses on how to satisfy even the most demanding customers

Demanding Customers, Customer Service Training Video Summary

Demanding Customers is an amusing customer service training video that teaches employees how to satisfy demanding customers. Several different scenarios are played out, drawing from everyday experiences of staff members on the forefront of customer service relations. In this customer service training video, you will be introduced the different types of customers they meet: Mr. Snappy, Mrs. Picky, Mr. Yappy, and Ms. Flash.

Demanding Customers demonstrates the ease in which these customers become frustrated and irate by the staff’s procedures. However, when the staff learn customer service techniques and adopt them into use, they are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The staff learns the perfect customer service technique: to be Polite, Efficient, Respectful, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Cheerful, and Tactful. These effective customer care training techniques are ideal for role-play and easily remembered. They easily integrate with any customer service training course and are valuable for any levels of the organization.

Demanding Customers Key Learning Points

• Integrates with and supports any customer care training

• Teaches important customer care techniques

• Easy to understand and remember

• Effective mnemonic, ideal for role-plays.

• Answers how to successfully handle the most demanding customers

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