Customer Service: OR ELSE

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Customer Service: OR ELSE

In this five-part video, author and motivational speaker Peter Glen takes you on a journey into the world of customer service. Watch this call to arms as told by an insightful and at times outrageous performer. Using examples of good and bad service, Glen shows you how to create Great Service.


"...get ready for an unusually frank, honest and at times poignant surprise. Glen presents an entertaining look at not only customer service, but also basic human interaction and the related intangibles of self discipline and accountability." -- Training Media Review

"This video would be worthwhile in any venue. It defines standards and sets boundaries that could conceivably be new experiences for some people, regardless of capacity - either as customers or as in customer service. In fact, this video could benefit companies that don't even have customer service departments. It's not only a look at business, it's also a look at life." -- Training Media Review.

"You will laugh at Glen's rapier wit and keen scrutiny of every indignity ever endured at the mercy of an indifferent, bored, insulting or hostile salesperson, receptionist, national corporation or medical doctor. No one escapes." -- Training Scene


  • You are responsible for the customer
  • Go beyond good; give great service
  • People love to buy from people who love to sell
  • There is no finish line
  • Do it!

Run Time: 59 Minutes

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