After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees

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After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees


What's Included: DVD, Facilitator Guide (32 pages) with session agendas, discussion questions, exercises and brainstorming activities.
(Program length: 24 minutes)

Topics: Employee Retention, Leadership, Management, Supervision

Hiring good employees isn't enough in today's tight, competitive labor market. Managers and their organizations must also focus on strategies for keeping their best employees on the job. This timely video development program focuses on how to keep your best employees loyal to your organization. To remain loyal to an organization, good employees want and need: Clear expectations and performance measurements Time to get and give performance feedback Rewards and recognition Challenges and growth opportunities for the future

 After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees features a well-meaning and successful manager, Nancy, who loses one of her most talented employees, Nicole. Nancy has the unique opportunity to hear first-hand from her ex-employee just what was missing and what could have been done to keep Nicole on the job. Losing a valuable employee, although unfortunate, helps Nancy understand how to keep the rest of her best employees. This video not only offers viewers

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the importance of retaining good employees
  • Communicate clear performance expectations
  • Set measurable performance standards
  • Take time to give employee feedback and to listen and receive feedback from employees
  • Recognize and reward good work
  • Find opportunities and challenges for valued employees
  • Make retaining good employees a top priority

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