Actions Speak! Behavior-based Interviewing

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Actions Speak! Behavior-based Interviewing

Actions Speak! Behavior-based Interviewing

From the creators of the BEST SELLING Interviewing Program of all time comes a MAJOR NEW release on legal and effective interviewing entitled, "ACTIONS Speak!" Author, Dr. Paul C. Green and Producer/Director, Art Bauer, have re-teamed to produce a fresh and entertaining approach to behavior based interviewing. "In the science of behavior-based interviewing, a lot has happened in the last thirty years. We made, ACTIONS Speak!, to bring those new insights to the employers who need them." - Dr. Paul C. Green.

A Behavioral Interviewing Program

Based on the time-tested truth, "Past actions predict future performance," this new high-end production combines the elements of memorable storytelling, practical content and realistic acting to weave together a highly effective training course for a new generation of interviewers.

Creative Approach:

The story takes place in broadcast television studio during rehearsals for a weekly business news program. The host of the program has invited a special guest to help her review a new business book on employee interviewing techniques. As they begin to critique real world examples of interviews, the invited guest is less than helpful and decides to share his own strong opinions on the subject.

In this comprehensive course, participants will learn:

  • How to use job information to compose effective and defensible interview questions
  • How to gain behavioral predictors that can forecast job performance
  • How to use non-verbal indicators (feelings) to suggest follow-up probes
  • How and when to ask for reverse information
  • How to respect and manage silence
  • How to avoid the "like-me" syndrome
  • How to get specifics on personal qualities like character, honesty and integrity

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