A Tale of "O"

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A Tale of O Video

A Tale of O Video DVD (20 Minutes)

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  • A Tale of O Training Video DVD (26 minutes)
  • A Tale of O Training Video DVD (17 minute Version)
  • 174-page Electronic Instructor's and User's Guide on the DVD
  • Complete Course Handout 

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A Tale of O Video is the extremely popular diversity program that demonstrates the consequences of when you are different from those around you. It is defined in A Tale of O Video that when you are an O among Xs there can be problems unforeseen. In A Tale of O Video, the treatment of the O from the Xs causes a dramatic difference of even how the O views itself regardless of what the actual difference is.

This program shows that the differences of the O from the Xs can be in gender, age, race, religion, language or any other factor and the results are the same. The differences are magnified and there is a stigma associated with those differences. This amazing similarity depicted in A Tale of O Video in the differences across a spectrum of various people and backgrounds flies in the race of social conditioning believed to be at the root of these issues.

There seems to be a deliberate form of discrimination when the differential treatment of Os is made when it is socially important or highly visible to society. A Tale of O Video conjures up the notion that the consequences to these differences are largely socially and situational based. Most diversity training videos are going to focus the blame for these exacting differences.

A Tale of O Video does quite the contrary. It helps all participants identify with the Os because all of us have been the O at one time or another and know how it feels to be excluded. All of us root for the underdog because we have been the underdog. A Tale of O Video suggests that there are other avenues to explore in ways of solving these situational biases. A Tale of O Video is narrated by Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter who is of the Harvard Business School.

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What is truly amazing about A Tale of O Video is how uncompromising it is simply because it is veiled in X’s and O’s. It’s really allowed to be blatantly honest about who we are as a society and how we judge others based on appearance. If you are an African American, Asian, Native American, Latino, or any other race than that of mainstream corporate America, you will see this as your story and its real meaning. Many are seeing diversity as a marketable commodity

However, what is so cool about A Tale of O Video is that if you are a woman you completely identify with the O. As a woman you can feel like all the focus is on you simply because you are a woman. In A Tale of O Video it’s shown that you will be asked for opinions not by your merit or intelligence but simply because they need a female perspective. A Tale of O Video is so vivid in its depiction of the facts that revolve around being different.

What is truly incredible about A Tale of O Video is that even a middle aged white male will identify with this program. He too has felt that the spotlight has been cast upon him. He too has felt that there are expectations of him because he is supposed to be here. He has his own set of issues from his life that have made him feel like the outsider. The only one like him. This can make managing diversity a struggle for upper management. To see story on managing diversity, click on the story featured here in Businessweek Magazine.

Here’s the great news. They’re all correct because all of us are indeed different. How we bear the responsibility of being the only one of us on this planet is what makes us who we are. A Tale of O Video works perfectly as a message for diversity. But A Tale of O Video also helps us to be sympathetic to the plights of other O’s out there that are just like us. Fighting to be the very best O they can be.

A Tale of O Video sets its own standards for what it is like to go through life feeling like all your actions are being judged. That the good things you do are expected and the bad things are more harshly criticized because of who we are. Because we’re different. And you know maybe there is a burden to being different. But as demonstrated in A Tale of O Video, in the end there is no better thing to be.